Thursday, November 09, 2006

With San Jose State athletics finally approaching respectability, I decided it was high time we get a blog that does the same. Without aiming too high, I just hope to create a place where we can have civilized discourse and easily find stories various media is writing about our beloved Spartans.

Now I realize there are other sites out there, but if you've visited them, you know how frustratingly bad they can be. This site will probably not gain too much acclaim, but if we can at least create someplace where we can enhance our enjoyment of Spartan athletics my goal will have been accomplished.

I do not pretend to have any great insider info and truth be told, I probably won't even be able to post on a daily basis. But I will do my best to link to all pertinent stories from the major Bay Area publications, but since they so rarely cover our Spartans, that shouldn't be too hard.

In the name of good faith, I'm going to include several links from today's newspapers, since our upcoming game with Boise State is drawing an usually high amount of attention. Enjoy.

Registration may be required:
Should we tank on Saturday?
Kawakami's picks
Stanford kid transferring to SJSU
Are we for Real?
On an Island
Make Purdy a believer
ESPN gives us no respect
SJSU needs You
WAC info
TSN seems to like our chances


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