Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm guilty. Of what? you ask. Well, according to some guy at the Reno Gazette-Journal, I'm guilty of not believing that Boise State deserves a shot at the BCS title game.y

While I appreciate his sentiment -- I too want a playoff -- I just don't think this particular Boise State team has proven that they belong in the BCS title game. He basically states that based on their 12-0 record, they have done everything possible to show their worth. I just so happen to disagree.

Boise State is a great story. They have brought pride to the WAC. They have not, however, single-handedly made the WAC into a power conference. No matter how you frame the argument, there's just no getting around the fact that there are four teams in the WAC as bad as any in Division I-A. Sure, we have four worthy bowl teams. And you could certainly make the argument that Fresno State is as solid of a middle-of-the-pack outfit as any other out there. But Utah State, LaTech, New Mexico State and Idaho form as soft a conference underbelly as any conference out there -- and that includes the SunBelt. And Boise State went 12-0 at least in part by being allowed to take it easy against those teams.

I certainly would love a playoff. But let's no dilude ourselves into believing this Boise STate team is better than any of the seven teams currently ranked ahead of them in the BCS standings.

Of course, if they beat Oklahoma on New Year's Day, I'll be proven wrong.


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