Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Somthing I had considered, but had chosen to ignore prior to today was brough up in today's Mercury News. That's the possible similarities of Saturday's game to Fresno State's near upset of USC last year. Namely, the hangover effect such a game can have.

Now, I happen to think Fresno State coach Pat Hill is a buffoon who has an almost unhealthy preoccupation with national recognition, and that Dick Tomey is far more focused on just making SJSU competitive, but that doesn't mean they are totally unrealistic comparisons. Saturday's near upset of Boise State could ruin the Spartans' season, sending us to three straight losses, no bowl and leave us right back where we started.

I just don't think that will happen. Could SJSU lose on Saturday to a very good Hawaii team? Of course. Could that spiral out of control? Doubtful.

Tomey is a veteran coach that understands players and how to motivate them. This isn't Dave Baldwin, worrying more about getting a contract extension than finishing the season strong. This is a coach that should be able to turn this into a positive, and I think probably will.

Ultimately, I just don't see SJSU losing their final three games. That should mean a bowl game and worse-case scenario a 7-6 overall record. I'll take that. Of course, I'd much rather go 10-3.

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