Saturday, January 13, 2007

What's better than beating Fresno State? More significant than winning a bowl game? More last-impact than bringing back your star cornerback? News that a new stadium is on the way.

Seriously, this is probably the most truly significant thing to happen to Spartan athletic facilities in the school's history. It might be the biggest news since two track athletes raised their fists in Mexico City.

A new stadium cements SJSU's Division IA status for the forseeable, regardless of its potential seating limitations. It makes the program far more attractive to recruits. Increases its visibility and attractiveness to local fans. I could go on, but it's getting redundant.

I've always thought SJSU and the Earthquakes were bound to get together on something and this seems to be a potential windfall for both sides. The Spartans retain control over the stadium when they need it and don't have to shell out tens of millions of dollars.

Amazingly, there is a sizable group that is more focused on perceived negatives of this deal.

Yeah, I would prefer something closer to 40,000-capacity. Yeah, they are proposing something closer to 30k. The gap doesn't seem that small and as long as SJSU has the ability to host bigger games when necessary, I don't think it will be a problem.

How would SJSU be able to do this? Hopefully, that's where the South Bay's 'other' new stadium plays a role.

Assuming the 49ers are ever able to build in Santa Clara -- right now it looks like a good possibility -- they are definitely going to be looking to bring in revenue during the 350-odd days the stadium isn't being used every year. I'm sure SJSU would be able to work out a way to host a game or two there when the need arose.

All in all, this seems like a great opportunity for the SJSU


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