Thursday, November 16, 2006

So our basketball team lost again, and this one was ugly. The article talks about new faces getting used to each other and that maybe they came in overconfident. I'm hoping that's true, because I like this Nessman guy and would hate to see him flop.

In better news, the Spartans are getting ready to take on Hawaii, a school at which Dick Tomey is practically a folk hero. Not only did he guide them from Division-IAA into the bigtime, but he was also one of their most popular TV analysts. Oh, how I miss the days of watching the Warriors play at 10 p.m. on Saturday night when I was in SoCal. Tomey and his broadcast partner were a lot of fun. This story doesn't real do his time on the Island due justice, but I know he is still very popular there.

One of the things that really made me start rooting for Hawaii (as long as they weren't playing SJSU) was the way the whole state seemed to rally around the team. They are by far the biggest sports story there and the fans seemed to really have a good time. If I could make a dream conference, I would definitely want them playing State as much as possible. I'm also a big fan of having Fresno State and Nevada in our conference. Today's Honolulu Advertiser had a story that just about perfectly illustrates what I love about UH athletics. But I've gotten off topic.

Really, I can't explain why I find myself rooting for UH. Recently, it's been that I love the way they play. June Jones' offense is so fun to watch. For god's sake, their beat writer actually tells us how many points their leading scorer is averaging per game. It's like they are playing a different kind of game.

Still, I think SJSU has a great chance of beating them on Saturday. It appears many, including the Merc's Jon Wilner disagrees. He does, however, like our chances to make the New Mexico Bowl. Yuck! While, I'd rather lock up any bowl appearance, I'm really hoping to get to play somewhere closer to home and more attractive. There's just no way I'm going to New Mexico. San Diego? Yes. Wilner maps out all the possibilities here, although he does leave out the possibility of winning out. Seriously, I'm curious if that would garner any real attention. Anyway, I posted the question, we'll see if I get a response.

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