Friday, December 01, 2006

The Merc is KILLING ME. It's now one day before our BIGGEST GAME OF THE SEASON and they still haven't given us any predominant play. Today, we got a notebook. It's not bad, reminded me that we almost beat Fresno State in 2002 and that we almost made a bowl game that year, but that doesn't help the cause.

God bless Laurence Midema and Jon Wilner's blessed little hearts for doing what they can for us, but we need some of the big guns. But apparently, Mark Purdy is too busy whining about the SF politico's whining to notice us. We get it Mark, you've remade yourself as a Silicon Valley homer. You've made this crystal clear. But how about throwing a little love our way since we are the ONLY TEAM FROM SAN JOSE playing meaningful games right now.

Leave it to the Fresno Bee to pick up the slack. This is a better overview on the program than anything our locals have written.

But I digress.

At some point, I'm going to try to write a definitive piece that examines the past 20 or so years of Spartan football. It's a pretty dramatic story, from Claude Gilbert's building a near powerhouse; to Terry Shea and Ron Turner parlaying good seasons into big paychecks elsewhere; to John Ralston making a mokery of the program while compiling a 11-34 record over four seasons; the mini-resurgence under Dave Baldwin that was torpedoed by his stupid contract demands after the TCU upset; to the depths of the Fitz Hill era in which attendance plummeted to less than 7,000 per game nearly leading to the cancellation of the football program; and now to a bowl bid. Crazy stuff, we'll see if I can actually make anything of it.

In other SJSU news, there's bad stuff going on at the Event Center:
All is not well on the Women's b-ball team.


At 2:37 PM, Blogger mikeoz said...

The funny thing is that the guy who wrote that for the Bee has lived in California all of two weeks.

At 7:25 PM, Anonymous the jon said...

any type of history piece has to include Mike Perez ... I was barraged with the, "Are you related to Mike Perez" question. Then the inquisitor usually passed out in a blaze of 15-beer glory.

And, Mike thanks for the shot out with the Wu-Tang album in your column ... I still love you too.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger FreeSanJose said...

Jon, read today's article, it not only mentions Mike, but has a quote from the, yes, Denver native.


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