Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sorry I haven't posted much (there's gotta at least be two or three of you, right?), but there hasn't been much worth reporting lately.

I did find some interesting stuff in the Idaho rags, and apparently they're at least somewhat excited about the Dennis Erickson era. It is encouraging to see that Erickson might not be enjoying his return to Moscow all that much. Apparently, his offense sucks almost as bad as it did with the 49ers.

Not football, or even men's basketball related, but this caught my attention. Apparently, our new women's coach isn't the most popular in the world. Of course our men's team isn't that great, either.

On the Spartan Daily front, I saw this story's headline and I almost gasped. I thought to myself, is this actually a research driven story? But, of course, it was just reporting that the school is considering suicide barriers on the parking lot. That's it? Gosh, not good times.

Quick non-SJSU rant: John Foggerty is horrible. Halftime show on Thanksgiving was embarrassing - all CCR, all done poorly. The new Mel Gibson picture "Apocolypto" is so nonsensical that Gibson actually explains the story in the preview. Never seen that before.


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