Saturday, December 02, 2006

I've pretty much said my piece about today's game, so I won't opine too much. But I will say this, the Merc should be embarrassed at their coverage of the game.

Look, I understand we here in the Bay Area want to pretend that the "Big Game" is this huge deal and that people unaffiliated with those schools care, but it's just not true. I've never met someone who cared about that game unless they went to one of the schools. And when one team is nationally ranked and the other is one of the worst 10 teams in the nation? People forget the game is even happening.

But, I'm assuming that's the main reason SJSU got pushed off the front page all week and why there probably won't even be a photographer, let alone a columnist, at THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR.

That being said Laurence Midema did a nice retrospective on the current state of the rivalry. Like I've said, he and Jon Wilner do a bangup job.

The Chronicle also jumped back on the bandwagon after almost two solid weeks of totally ignoring us. This piece also is a bit of a retrospective.

The Fresno Bee looks at the hard-to-explain fall from grace for Fresno State. The author pins it on "senioritis" which is pretty hard to understand. Aren't senior-laden teams supposed to be good?

Women's basketball update: Men's coach George Nessman has taken over the team and assigned one of his assistants to be the head coach, according to the Merc. The old coach is reportedly being investigated from making inappropriate comments to players. This can not be good for either team.


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