Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Apparently the Merc's Jon Wilner agrees with me about the Fresno State game. And I'll reiterate one last time: This was the BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR. Tomey coached like it was, the team played like it was and the fans reacted like it was. The rest of the season, while not completely meaningless, would have been incomplete without this win. And, no, it doesn't mean any less just because Fresno State was suffering through its worst season in a long time. It just meant it was that much more important for the Spartans to win.

Think about it this way: No player on the Spartans had ever beaten FSU; none of them had even played with someone who had; those guys had never played with anyone who had; and those guys had never played with anyone who had. There's an off chance a couple of those guys played with someone who had beaten Fresno State, but they might never have even played with anyone who had beaten the Bulldogs.

For the sake of this post, let's consider a "generation" four years. The Spartans had not beaten the Bulldogs in four "generations." If a generation is generally considered 25 years, we're talking about the equivalent of 100 years since the Spartans last beat the Bulldogs. If a school's football legacy is passed down like a family's legacy that's like asking our players to imagine an era without electricity.

Well, we don't have to do that anymore. For the forseeable future, Spartans can actually talk about the time when we beat Fresno. They can use that in all sorts of ways. But most of all, it won't seem like this totally unattainable goal, the way it probably has for the past 5-10 years. HUGE WIN.

Another area where this pays dividends is on the recruiting trail. I trust that in the hands of a good football man like Dick Tomey this season will be more than an aberration. Although, it does worry me that the top four WRs and top FIVE safeties are all seniors. Still, I'll take this over the constant talk of sheer numbers Fitz Hill used to harp on. "We ONLY have 65 players on scholarship."

In other news, two Spartans -- CB Dwight Lowery and punter Waylon Prather -- were named to the first-team All-WAC. Seven other made the second team.


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