Monday, December 04, 2006

So, I've had a day to think about that win ... and it still feels great. Easily the most enjoyable game I've ever attended, and I won't couch this one by adding "at San Jose State." No question, this was more enjoyable than beating Stanford.

Not to sound too cheesy, but I was nearly moved to tears when Dwight Lowery intercepted that ball to seal the victory. This is the first time SJSU has beaten Fresno State since I started caring what happened, and it was really starting to get old. I seriously (that's for you Mike) think we could lose the bowl game and still feel like this was a great season. In fact, if we had just won against Stanford and Fresno State, I'd feel pretty happy about this season. The fact that we won six other games and get to play one more, that's almost unbelievable.

The crowd storming the field was an honest-to-god goosebumps moment. Very nice, very real, very deserved.

The play of the game, no doubt, was the punt-it-no-go-for-it touchdown that gave the Spartans their 21-14 lead. The Merc's notebook does a good job describing it.

As for the postgame coverage we received, I was mostly pleasantly surprised. I was worried the Merc might not send a photographer and rely on AP. I was wrong and they turned in a very good audio slideshow that is definitely worth watching. The gamer? Not bad.

Of course, that's more than I can say for Mark Purdy's garbage. My anger is mainly pointed at one line in which he feels the need to say "As always there were less people than you would expect" and "althoug the crowd was announced at 22,000, it looked more like 15,000." Yeah, I would have liked to see more people there, too. But you know what would have helped? Some publicity! And since when is Mark Purdy an expert at crowd counting? All I can tell you is that the lower bowl was just about filled and with a few hundred people in the uppper deck, that crowd number seems about right to me. Plus, in a season in which SJSU drew more than 20,000 to a game three times for the first time since 1986, why is carping about attendance worthwhile?

More importantly, why even bring up the crowd, especially on a day when it was so good and active? Just don't get that guy.

Oddly, the Fresno Bee never bothers to frame the game in that of a rivalry. Here's the gamer, but take my word for it that none of the three stories they wrote mentions that aspect.

John Ryan of the Merc says SJSU's season was so good, they deserve a shot at the BCS title game.

The men's basketball team got its first win of the season. Amazingly, it came against a pretty decent Cal Poly team.


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