Friday, December 08, 2006

So Dick Tomey is staying put and will get an addition $200-300k per season to do that. Money well spent if you ask me. If all goes according to plan, by the time he leaves in 2010, there will be new stands, a new scoreboard and a football program that will be able to stand on its own two feet. Fingers crossed.

I will add this caveat, according to a recent report, SJSU ranks last among the 56 bowl teams in graduation rate. A whopping 32 percent of players finished their degree, and I'm guessing that study was done a year or two ago. You can't really blame Tomey for this one, since he has only been here less than two years. You can blame the incomparable Fitz Hill, though, who ironically is actually employed by the school that ran that study. Oh, how I disliked Dr. Fitz Hill and his prostelitizing ways.

I'm a litle disappointed that the Merc ignored this, at least so far, but I will offer this defense of our wonderful school: It's pretty hard for anyone to graduate from SJSU. Maybe this will shed some light on the ridiculousness that passes for an admissions and records department.

Here's the link to the actual report, just click on the first item and it will give you a PDF version of the report. One silver lining, SJSU has one of the smallest discrepencies between the graduation rate of its white and black players, so that's something. At least we're not racist, like say, Ohio State, which has something like a 60 percent differential. Truly appalling stuff.


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